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A Prayer for the New Year

At the start of each year, members of the Western Pennsylvania-East German Conference Partnership offer a Prayer for the New Year. The prayer is prepared in alternate years by a member of the partnership committee in Western PA or in Germany so that congregations in both areas can unite in prayer on the first Sunday in January.  It may also be used by individuals or groups as the Spirit leads. Here is the 2015 prayer, composed by Pastor John Mize of the Indiana District.

God above time, God in our history, God in our present, we are thankful that you govern the times and seasons. Our times are in your hands, and we are grateful for times of joy as well as sorrow, for dancing as well as mourning, for the time of Christ’s birth as well as his death.  For the times of the past, for today, and for the eternal future stretching brilliantly before us this New Year we offer you praise.

This very hour we give thanks to you, O God. We thank you for the years of fruitful partnership between our conferences.  We thank you for the lives that have been touched through our missions, we thank you for the mutual support and friendships that have developed and still evolve even as we pray.  Thank you above all things for the gift of Jesus Christ, our savior. We who have seen the dusk of so many old days have seen the dawn of a new day.  We, O God, have seen our salvation.

Prepare us, your people, German and American, for a mission and ministry of hope and peace for this aching and angry world.  Empower us to be people of great faith, placing our trust in you, believing that peace is not only possible, it truly can happen if we will work with you and with one another.  May the power of the Holy Spirit, who has sustained us in fellowship so far, continue to fill us and make in us one community of two nations.

Let us be in prayer with one another, for one another, for our Church, our Nations and our communities, for our world, for all earth’s people and creatures, that we may be those who promote peace. Give us courage and strength. Help us reach across areas that divide, offering compassionate assistance wherever it is needed.

Let us go into the New Year with Jesus, common in origin with us.  We go into the New Year with Jesus, who treats us as family, as brothers and sisters. Let us go, placing our trust in God, just as Jesus did. We go as children of God, with Jesus by our side. And all of God’s people say together.


Courtesy of the WPAUMC: http://www.wpaumc.org/newsdetail/599087